全新JCB FASTRA金莎app客户端C 8330 - 提供更大的速度舒适和生产力


8330年最新的增强Fastrac确保it is the largest and most powerful JCB tractor yet. Faster, more comfortable, extremely versatile and fitted with more safety features than any other tractor in its class, the Fastrac 8330 guarantees operators can get more done in a day than ever before.

提供更高的速度,舒适性,生产力,安全性和多功能性Fastrac 8330对任何操作员对任何操作员带来了很大差异。具有更快的道路和现场速度加上独特的全圆悬架,Fastrac 8330是任何农业运行的解决方案。具有70kph的顶级速度,Fastrac 8330还具有比任何其他拖拉机更多的安全功能。

The Fastrac 8330’s engine combines the best powertrain and suspension systems to deliver the ultimate in power, torque and traction making the difference in any situation. The performance-proven 8.4-litre, six-cylinder engine delivers up to 348HP with twin turbocharger installation giving sharp responses and high torque ratings across a wide range of engine speeds. The CVT transmission with improved cruise control functions also ensures optimum use of power and torque.

在路上,Fastrac 8330的转向是精确且加权良好,在70kph时行驶时提供最终控制。快速转向选项的添加将方向盘的锁定转向减少了50%,并使岬角和其他现场操纵快速简便。还有一个包括道路性能包,它提供了进一步的牵引控制和山坡持有功能,jcb是独一无二的。金莎app客户端

Another exceptional feature of the Fastrac 8330 is its external brakes, fitted to both axles it allows the tractor to consistently stop up to 15% quicker than other conventional tractors. While the hydrostatic dual steering system significantly reduces operator effort whilst meeting the exceptional safety standards for high-speed tractors (>60kph). The advanced anti-lock system (ABS) retains stability and steering while optimising braking performance on the road, along dirt tracks and in the field.


Fastrac 8330的先进悬架快速响应了前部和后部安装工具施加的载荷,帮助将负载均匀地分布在机器上。近50:50重量分布,牵引力从两个车轴上的悬架中受益,是重型工作的理想选择。粗糙的地形也没有威慑Fastrac操作员,通过全圆柱和高规格空气座椅,确保平滑,用于平滑,散布和喷涂操作。确保运营商舒适至关重要,以确保全天最大的生产力。重型轴也可用于3M轨道宽度,用于受控的流量和行作物应用。


Fastrac强大的第三类后挂钩抬起真正的10,000千克,以处理大容量3PL吊具,犁,耕机和安装钻头。敏感的电子草案控制有助于Fastrac 8000在重载下保持牵引力。增加生产力运营商还可以使用可选的3N前挂钩,具有3500kg容量,外部升降机/较低控制和可选电源和照明插座。


The in-cab technology featured in the Fastrac 8330 delivers high levels of tractor and implement control through a simple, easy to use interface. Showcasing large icons, it features an easy to use touch screen terminal with intuitive navigation that allows operators to easily adjust functions and settings to suit the desired requirements. Operators can also create and save up to 5 sequences each with up to 15 steps in the Headland Turn Assist section to minimise control workload at the end of each run across a field. 4 configurable joystick buttons can also be assigned a wide range of functionality. Factory fit GPS solutions are available as well as compatibility with a wide range of 3rd party systems. For spraying and spreading applications, the Fastrac can minimise overlap at speeds of up to 40km/h.

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